At Pacific Empire Financial, we are dedicated to bringing individuals and families the latest and most innovative concepts in the area of retirement counseling, insurance and financial planning. Daniel Crosby and his team of financial experts are committed to creating the best financial plan tailored to your needs.

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  • Daniel Crosby has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. He attended Brigham Young University and California State University Los Angeles to study economics. After he received his BA in Economics in 1980, Crosby became a financial advisor for one of the largest firms on Wall Street, Merrill Lynch, where he spent eleven years as a Senior Financial Advisor.

    In 1993, Crosby began working for Fidelity Investment as Senior Retirement Councilor until 2003. While he was working, he completed the CFP Educational Program from the college of Financial Planning in 2003. That same year, Daniel decided to leave Fidelity Investment to start his own firm and offer a more personal financial service to pre retirees and retirees.

    In his spare time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife of 38 years, four children and seven grandchildren. His other hobbies include sailing and showing his musical talents on the banjo and piano.

  • Pacific Empire Financial Services is dedicated to bringing individuals and families the latest and most innovative concepts in the area of retirement counseling, insurance and financial planning. Our mission is to help families create a plan to preserve and protect their hard-earned money from the effects of inflation, taxation and market risk; and to transfer those assets to loved ones upon their passing without the cost and delays associated with legal or governmental intervention.

    Estate Planning involves the coordinated efforts of three professional disciplines: legal, tax and financial planning in order to maximize the goal of asset protection and wealth transfer. An estate plan may not be complete unless the services of a licensed attorney, a certified tax authority and a qualified financial professional are employed. The elimination of any one of these professional disciplines may result in a plan that could fall short in addressing the numerous concerns involved in estate planning. At Pacific Empire Financial, we have developed strategic alliances with expert tax strategists and estate planning attorneys to complement the efforts of our financial services company.

    Your current needs may include something as basic as trying to maximize retirement income with no risk to principal or reducing taxes on current investments. You may be looking for alternative ways to prepare for the burden of long-term care expenses or need tax consulting. You may need a simple will or a trust. Whatever the need, through our association of qualified independent professionals, we can help coordinate a plan that can accomplish the goals set by you and your family.

    Our relationship with our clients begins with a free-no-obligation consultation. The purpose of this initial meeting is to address concerns and issues you may have in your existing financial and retirement plan.

    Give us one hour of your time and we will give you years of experience!


At Pacific Empire Financial, we specialize in the following services:

  • Life Insurance

    We provide all aspects of insurance including term, universal life and whole life.

  • Annuities

    We specialize in fixed and fixed-index annuities.

  • Medicare Planning

    Call Pacific Empire to find out more about medicare supplement plans and medicare advantage plans.

  • Estate Planning

    PE use the services of a local estate planning attorney to assist in protecting trusts, wills, powers of attorney and life insurance to reduce estate taxes.

  • IRA/401K/403b

    We will help you rollover your 401K and 403b, as well as answer questions pertaining to your IRA.

  • Retirement Planning

    Pacific Empire’s financial experts know the ins and outs in the implementation and administration of all types of retirement plans and planning.


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